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NFT Merge


Disruptive benefits

Innovative Certification

NFT Merge gives any business requiring true authenticity, the power to uniquely represent their luxury or investment grade inventory in an ERP way, but with a twist. Harnessing Web 3 technology, we can empower your certification. Your official stamp can now be a unique virtual key that unlocks any type of online reward or easy virtual value add for its holder. It’s a smarter certificate.

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Empower your brand

Build your community

NFT Merge your communities and give cross promotional functionality to your inventory. Utilising Web 3.0 smart contracts you can create a connection to any number of online communities via easy online value adds from VIP Membership Channels to Exclusive Video Game Skins. Connect your customers and gamify any online branded experience into a metaverse. It’s smarter branding!


Fairer Fractional Future

Smarter Branding

NFT Merge certificates enables peer to peer trading via any social online platform on any device and eliminates the possibility for fake accounts. Any luxury good or investment grade asset can also be fractionalised to have many owners over one asset securely and transparently. It’s a fairer fractional future. [Image: Argyle Pink Diamonds]

NFT Certification


Proof of Purchase

Custom Branding  

Carbon Friendly

Any Asset Class


Web 3.0  Enabled


Blockchain Powered



Metaverse Ready

Next-Gen Security

ERP  Ready


Track Transactions

Custom Reporting

Real Data Analysis

Robust & Scalable


P2P Trading

Empowers Networks

Social Platform Ready

Certifiable Customers

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