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Need help with your e-ttach install?

Well, certainly most List pages and Master Data, like Purchase Orders, Vendors, Customers, Invoices, Expenses, Credit & Collections, Sales orders, Projects, and more! You do need the Full or Extra license to use E-ttach on all forms.

E-ttach works with the standard Document Management parameters, therefore you are able to control which forms attachments and e-ttach is active on using the standard Active Document Tables settings.

If you can't see the e-ttach options in a form, check first with your System Administrator :)
Reach out to us at and we'll help you get set up if we can.
Freebie is our free version that is limited to only Vendors, PO's and Invoices - Full is unrestricted.

Also, the preview docs you see on the side are limited to the most recent 3 attachments - if there are more, you need to go to the standard Attachments form - Enterprise shows all docs in the side.

Freebie uploads are capped at 10mb - Enterprise is unrestricted (unless restricted by your organisational policies).

We sure do! 

We provide a 60 day trail of Enterprise features to allow you to test E-ttach alongside your configuration of D365 F&O and any customisations you may have to ensure compatibility before purchase.

Simply download and install the E-ttach package on one of your Test/Sandbox environments and follow the instructions in the document. 
Super Easy!

For the Enterprise (Full) version, just click on the Buy Now button on our website E-ttach page, under Enterprise column - you can pay by PayPal.

Once payment has been received, we will issue your tenant with a new license that will activate the Enterprise features once you have refreshed the license in the e-ttach parameters:

  1. Go to Organisation Administration module
  2. Document Management > Document Management Parameters
  3. Click on the e-ttach section
  4. Click Check for License
  5. Save and refresh user sessions
You sure can!

This can be set on a user level in the User Options (cog in the top right)
In the free version - 10MB

In Premium versions the limit is the same as the standard document management file limit.
When you download the e-ttach package, we include a guide for install and parameters in there for your reference.


Once you have successfully installed e-ttach you will have the Free version enabled by default and can start using it right away (yes it’s that simple).

However to ensure you have a more stream-lined experience we recommend you tailor the configuration to your requirements.

Under Organisation Administration -> Document management -> Document management parameters there is an e-ttach tab page.

License details:

The license key will be automatically fetched from our servers and is unique to your Azure Active Directory Tenant ID. If your tenant changes you will need to contact use to update our records to ensure you have a valid license.

The license type and expiry date will be updated accordingly.

Functionality setting:

This is to provide control over the functionality available in your environment, useful if you decide to disable e-ttach without having to uninstall the package.

The Drag Drop Functionality selection provides 3 options:


This is a legacy version which some customers have installed but we no longer sell. Most features have been incorporated in to the Full/Enterprise version.

Full / Enterprise

Enable Full e-ttach functionality (if you only have the free version – you will only get free functionality).


Completely disable e-ttach


These are your defaulting values for e-ttach:

  • Default Document Type

Specify the Document management file type you want the e-ttach documents stored as (if blank, this will default to “File”).

The type selected here must be enabled for file storage – type of “note” will not work.

  • Auto Expand Form Part

When an e-ttach enabled form is opened, this setting is used to determine whether to expand the e-ttach form automatically.

  • Default (No for Free, Yes for all other licenses)
  • Yes (always expand the e-ttach form)
  • No (use default Dynamics logic to only show the form parts based on the user’s last state).

Note: this setting can be overridden at a user level – users go to their “User options” and on the Preferences tab the same setting is available.

Generate Document Tags:

This button should be clicked when you first install e-ttach, it generates e-ttach specific document records to ensure your existing attachments are displayed against their associated records in the e-ttach forms.

Yes! You can disable e-ttach immediately in the parameters
  1. Go to Organisation Administration module
  2. Document Management > Document Management Parameters
  3. Click on the e-ttach section
  4. In the Drag Drop Functionality dropdown, select Disabled
  5. Save and refresh user sessions
We would rather you didn't :)

Please share the link to our site instead, so that they can download their own version and agree to our license conditions.

We appreciate it!
Yes we do!

If you are a Microsoft Partner and would like to partner with us or resell e-ttach, feel free to reach out to us!

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